Synopsis: In a world where basketball players share the court with Bollywood dancers,one runaway basketball bounces across an invisible border to either bring them together or deepen their tensions.  Will the dancers beat the ballers at their own game, or will the ballers choose to step up and get their Bollywood on? 
Starring: Chuck Ashworth, David Bianchi, Mark
               McCullough, Kiran Sachdeva, Smita Sanbui,
Dipa Shah, Sai Tanna
Format:  Promotional Video
Length:  03:48
Credits:  Produced by Karma Theory Films
              Written & Directed by Sabina Shamdasani 
              (AKA Shaan Dasani)
Choose Love: 
A promotional video for A.R. Rahman
Making Of
peace concert in Australia in about a week and needed a video to be created that had a theme of diversity.  The maestro was holding a peace concert to help bring awareness about attacks on Indian students in Sydney, Australia.  His hope was to "bridge understanding and love" and break down "cultural misunderstandings" (see article).   

There was very little prep time but the cause was important.  Not to mention, when the legendary A.R. Rahman needs something done, it is the most humbling of honors to be called upon to do it.  I called my good friend Anup Sugunan - actor, photographer, musician, filmmaker extraordinaire - to help me out.  We shot this video in a day and spent about 3 days and nights to edit it and get it just right. 

After seeing the clip, we were requested to add the title:  "CHOOSE LOVE" as well as a special thanks from A.R. Rahman to all of us involved in the making.  Truly an amazing experience!
I had just landed in Los Angeles after a long trip to the east coast when...

I received a call from a friend.  She happen to know the manager for musical genius and Oscar winning composer A.R. Rahman.  She had mentioned that he was doing a 
- Shaan

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