Synopsis: Rahul - an awkward and introverted college student - must dance at a Bollywood dance competition in order to overcome his fear of the spotlight, and quite possibly, win over the girl of his dreams.
Starring: Anand Desai-Barochia, Amna Mazin, Niraj Mehta
Format:  Short Film
Length:  19 mins
Credits:  A Karma Theory Films Production
               Co- Produced by Ahmed Lucan & 
               Shaan Dasani Written & Directed by
               Shaan Dasani
'Bollywood Invasion'
a short film by Shaan Dasani
Making Of
That idea was the reason why I wanted to make 'Bollywood Invasion.'  In a broader sense, the goal was to make a film that someone from any cultural background to relate to.  If we, as a society, can understand that people of different backgrounds and orientations essentially experience the same emotions - love, fear, insecurity, desire, etc - then hopefully we make a step towards being more connected to one another.  Hopefully we are more likely to see someone else as "the same" rather than "the other."

At it's core, 'Bollywood Invasion' is a story that most of us can relate to.  The main character has a fear, and one day, he meets someone special enough to make him want to overcome his fear.  I'm sure many of us have been there, I know I have.  In his case, his fear is of dancing in public, which started in childhood.  As he meets and gets to know Sonia, he realizes that he has a choice to make - either he can overcome his fear, or he can succumb to it.

We filmed 'Bollywood Invasion' in 6 days.  The college scenes were shot at Chapman University and the rest was shot between Orange County and Los Angeles, CA.  It was my first time directing dance on camera, and what an amazing opportunity.  Music was also such a key component to this film, actually, I feel the music was itself a character in this film.   There's a lot of up and coming talent on this project, I think that's also exciting.  Both Anand and Amna are fairly new actors, Anand had some commercial experience and theater training before we filmed, and Amna's background is dance, but in my opinion, she so naturally portrays the character, you would never feel this is her first film.  The ultimate goal is to take this project to the next level, which would be the feature film version, the story definitely calls for itself in the longer format!  Let's keep our fingers crossed, and, by the way that's the other moral of the story, whatever the challenge, there are always fears.  But it's our job to overcome the fear and push forward because unless we do, our dreams are never realized.  I hope this film can inspire people on that level as well.  

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I always felt like the one thing that unites people from different cultures and backgrounds is music and dance...
- Shaan
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