Synopsis:  Dear ol' Dada Ji (Kumar Pallana) has just moved in with his daughter Rima, her American husband and their eight year old son.
He's always taunted Rima for her rejection of her Indian traditions, but now that they're living under the same roof, she insists on putting her foot down.  Despite their differences, Dada Ji will do whatever it takes to mend their relationship .... even if it means driving Rima up the wall!
Dada Ji is a humorous and heartwarming story about family, love, loss, and what happens when different generations, new and old traditions, come together.
'Dada Ji'
a short film by Sabina Shamdasani 
(a.k.a. Shaan Dasani)
Filmmaker Comments
I first saw Kumar Pallana alongside Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the movie 'The Terminal'...

....and he pretty much stole the show.  I wondered who the quirky yet gentle actor was, and as fate would have it, I met him one week later on another film shoot I was working on.  I was so engaged by this elderly gentleman, he was an actor-comedian-magician-yoga guru all in one. 

For the next few months I wrote and re-wrote the script for what became 'Dada Ji' and when it was ready I finally sent it over, along with a letter explaining that I was a student (in case he didn't remember me), and that I knew he had worked with greats such as Steven Spielberg and Wes Anderson, and then humbly asked if he would do me the honor of working with him.

He called literally the next day - and the rest is history. We spent 6 days filming 'Dada Ji' in Orange County, CA, and a wonderful friendship began.  

Funny how life works...sometimes those golden moments just come to you, and when you feel like you've happened upon one, all I have to say is, go with it!  I hold this film very close to my heart, I replay the events of the making of this movie and I realize it was fate who played a big hand in pulling it all together.  

I hope you enjoy the film!

- Shaan
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