Synopsis:  Mr. Rogers likes Ultimate Storage Company so much that he thinks they can help him find a girlfriend.  They can't do that, but find out how they can help him in this third TV commercial for Ultimate Storage Company.
Starring: Gary Rogers, Brenda Rogers
Format:  TV Commercial
Length:  00:30
Credits:  Produced by Karma Theory Films
              Written & Directed by Sabina Shamdasani
              (a.k.a. Shaan Dasani)
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Making Of
commercials.  We couldn't risk creating ads the audience would mute, change the channel to, or fast forward.  Our commercial campaign needed to be memorable, and hopefully help this local business turn it's audience into customers.
One of our favorite sitcoms at KTF is the TV show 'The Office' (circa Steve Carell era).  We used a similar comedic style and shooting style from the show, creating 3 spots using the same actors.  The idea was to use humor and an evolving storyline to create characters the audience would come to recognize and want to watch.
Now the funny thing is, the two actors in the commercial are not real actors.  The woman is actually one of the real managers at Ultimate storage Company and the gentleman is her real life son.  They have a fun chemistry in real life, we thought it would be great to get it on camera.  We filmed all 3 spots in a single weekend. 
I hope you enjoy watching Mr. Rogers in his quest to find a great deal on a storage unit!
When you mention self-storage, most people think of shows like 'Storage Wars' or 'Auction Hunters'.... 

Needless to say, self storage isn't the most glamorous of businesses.  When we were approached to make commercials for a self-storage business, the last thing we wanted to do was create standard, run-of-the-mill

Ultimate Storage Company
TV Commercial 3