Karma Theory Films is an independent film production company based in Los Angeles, CA. We create content for the big screen as well as for the web, including narrative and documentary films, short films, web videos, web series, commercials, and music videos.

Founded by actor & filmmaker Shaan Dasani in 2004, the goal of Karma Theory Films is to create original content that engages the mind and speaks to the soul, through creative, compelling storytelling.

Our work has been seen by audiences all over the world through film festivals, live performance shows, online and on television.

About The Founder
Shaan Dasani founded Karma Theory Films in the fall of 2004. 

Born and raised in North Carolina, Dasani moved to California in 2003 to pursue his passions in filmmaking. While obtaining his MFA at Chapman University, Dasani quickly made a name for himself as the recipient of the Hayde Scholarship. He worked closely with mentor and DGA director Carl Franklin on his movie Dada Ji, a family comedy starring Kumar Pallana (The Terminal, The Royal Tenenbaums).

​Dada Ji' went on to screen at a variety of children's and family film festivals, picking up a "Best Short Film" nomination at the Danville International Children's Film Festival.

After completing coursework at Chapman University, Dasani went on to work with "Bend it Like Beckham" producer Deepak Nayar as the director of marketing for a new Internet film contest site, Filmaka.com. Dasani's contribution was pivotal to the launch of the company, as he worked actively to promote it at film schools and top festivals such as Sundance and Palm Springs.

In 2007, Dasani was brought on board as executive producer and host of the Angry Critic's Corner show on DesiYou.com, a hip South Asian-centric media portal. Nicknamed The Reel Critic, Dasani not only wrote and developed the content for the web, but also provided "reel" movie reviews and interviewed some of the hottest personalities in the business, such as Mike Myers, Neil Patrick Harris, John Cho, and Anil Kapoor.

In 2010, Dasani directed a video for Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire composer A.R. Rahman's Indo-Peace concert in Australia, which played live in front of 40,000 fans.  His unique approach to filmmaking lead him to receive a fellowship with Film Independent's Project:Involve program, which  promotes and fosters diversity in filmmaking.  That same year, he came back to Chapman to complete his thesis film 'Bollywood Invasion', screening & picking up awards at festivals such as LA New Wave Film Fest, LA Shorts Fest, and the Indian Film Festival of Stuttgart Germany.

After working on a number of independent projects, Dasani was invited to join the Director's Guild of America in 2013.  His career took a beautiful pivot the next year 
into the world of acting.  Learn more about Shaan's acting work at ShaanDasani.com.  He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.